Typical products of Abruzzo

The Abruzzo Cuisine It derives its products from agriculture, from pastoralism and fishing. This shows how rich and varied the culinary tradition of Abruzzo is.

The rediscovery of the knowledge and flavors of the past have restored prestige to the good Abruzzo cuisine.

There are many typical products that accompany us on a pleasant food and wine journey. Just to name a few:

Macaroni alla Chitarra

The first course "prince" of Abruzzo Cuisine. The Macaroni to Guitar are a mixture of water, flour and eggs, which is pressed onto a rectangular wooden frame on which very thin steel wires are stretched, gives rise to long and irregular spaghetti. The seasoning is, as per tradition, tomato sauce with meat sauce.


Wooden skewers in which touches of meat are skewered. sheep. Cooking with hot charcoal on Fornacella elongated rectangular shape.
That amazing flavor you'll carry with you forever.

Sausages of Abruzzo

Pork processing has always been an art that finds one of the highest expressions in Abruzzo: Mortadella of Campostosto, Ventricina Vastese, L'Aquila Flask, Loin and Basciano Ham are only the best-known products of this ancient tradition.

Saffron from L'Aquila

Product obtained from the roasting of the stigmas of the flower of the Crocus Sativus L., plant belonging to the Iridaceae family, having Purple-red colour It is marketed in filaments in their natural state or reduced to powder form. Excellent spice for culinary use.

Sweets of Abruzzo

Lots and lots of delicious. We mention only one of them: il Parrozzo d'Abruzzo. Originally named "Pan Rozzo", It was a mixture of water and yellow corn flour hemispherical in shape. Subsequently, the yellow corn flour was replaced with durum wheat flour and eggs and the hemisphere was covered with delicious dark chocolate. The poet from Abruzzo Gabriele D'Annunzio He gave it the name of Parrozzo.

Pecorino d'Abruzzo

A typical cheese of areas with a strong pastoral vocation, it is therefore one of the symbols of Abruzzo cuisine, Region with a tradition of Flocks and Shepherds. There are different types of Pecorino which therefore have different tastes and smells depending on the grazing areas of the flocks and the processing techniques of sheep's milk. Remember, among all, il Pecorino di Atri and Pecorino cheese of Farindola.

Wines of Abruzzo

The Abruzzo Hills They are a mosaic of olive groves and vineyards. There are many qualities of grapes produced that give excellent wines such as Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, il Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, il Cesasuolo d'Abruzzo, il Verdicchio, il Pecorino, il New, il Passito Bianco e Red, il Moscato, as well as an excellent sparkling wine obtained from the pressing of Chardonnay grapes. The production of wine is of the highest quality: in fact, the wines of the Teramo Hills have obtained the D.O.C. Denomination. (Controlled Designation of Origin) which indicates the highest possible degree of quality of viticulture.

Abruzzo Olive Oil

The most common cultivars are: the Dear Chieti (Italy), the Loreto Tip, il Leccino, il Crusher and Tortiglione. Abruzzo oil has excellent organoleptic qualities. Between the months of October and November, at the end of the Olive Harvest, the event called Open Crushers, in which the Oil Millers open the doors of their Oil Mills to tourists to taste the New Oil. The route that leads passionate tourists to move from one oil mill to another in search of the best oils is marked on special maps as Oil Roads.